ST10: Rangers drop another one, 7-5 to Twins

I did listen to this game on the radio – or at least most of it. This weekend was a big social weekend for me (saw Weird Al on Sat night, and Mission to Mars on Sunday). Since I got disgusted listening to the Rangers drop another one to the Twins, I bailed out after the Twins scored two more in the 7th – and started to get ready to go out for the evening.
However, there was some interesting stuff in the game. Our first run came rather interestingly, on a fielder’s choice, an error, and a passed ball. The next pitch after the passed ball, Lee Stevens went yard for a two run home run, pulling us within two runs. However, we gave them right back, and I got disgusted. It turns out the Cat hit a home run in the 9th that I didn’t hear (but read about in the box score). Was nice for them to pull it back and make it interesting, but hopefully when we start removing some of the pitchers that aren’t going to be with the club when we break camp, we might start getting some more realistic pitching from the folks who will be pitching after March.
Our boys in the field were rather sloppy in the second, giving up three runs this way: Infield hit, stolen base allowed, error (on Pudge), a walk, a wild pitch, a double, and another infield hit. Blech.
We’re back on the radio Wednesday against the Orioles – Just two more weeks (from yesterday) till the return of Ranger baseball to TV, and three weeks until the start of the new season! :)