How Many in 2014?

Usually towards the end of the year, we always hear about how many players the Texas Rangers have used overall in any particular season. The Rangers are usually towards the high end of that list. Injuries, callups, usually make for a long list, and you tend to forget the guys who are here so quick that they don’t even have time for the proverbial “cup of coffee”. I’ve done this for the last five seasons, and it’s worked out pretty well. I’ve also gotten some positive feedback on it, so it’s become a permanent feature here.  If you’d like to see the final tallies for the other years I’ve done this, you can still see them here: [ 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 ] Anyway, this post will get bumped whenever there is a player who is making his first appearance for the Texas Rangers in 2014.  I am going to count guys who get called up, but don’t play immediately (or sometimes don’t play at all), as they will be part of the 25 man roster officially. So here goes.

The most recent additions will be on the top of the list.

Total players in 2014: 55
Total pitchers used in 2014: 34 *
Total position players used in 2014: 23 *
Total players making major league debut: 11

  • #55 – Alex Claudio (Aug 13, replaced Yu Darvish, who was placed on the DL)
  • #54 – Mike Carp (Aug 4, replaced Chris Gimenez, who was placed on paternity list)
  • #53 – Phil Klein (Aug 1, replaced Ryan Feierabend, who was designated for assignment)
  • #52 – Jerome Williams (Jul 25, replaced Jake Smolinski, who was placed on the DL)
  • #51 – Nate Adcock (Jul 24, replaced Joaquim Soria who was traded to DET)
  • #50 - Ryan Feierabend (Jul 13, replaced Aaron Poreda, who was optioned to AAA)
  • #49 – Matt West (Jul 10, replaced Phil Irwin, who was optioned to AAA)
  • #48 – Phil Irwin (Jul 8, replaced Nick Martinez, who was placed on the DL)
  • #47 – Roman Mendez (Jul 7, replaced Michael Choice, who was optioned to AAA)
  • #46 – Jake Smolinski (Jul 7, replaced Donnie Murphy, who was designated for assignment)
  • #45 – Neftali Feliz (Jul 4, replaced Ben Rowen, who was optioned to AAA)
  • #44 – Adam Rosales (Jun 30, replaced Luis Sardinas who was optioned to AAA)
  • #43 – Carlos Pena (Jun 24 – replaced Brad Snyder, who was designated for assignment)
  • #42 – Ben Rowen (Jun 11 – replaced Tanner Scheppers, who was placed on the DL)
  • #41 – Brad Snyder (Jun 10 – replaced Mitch Moreland, who was placed on the DL)
  • #40 – Miles Mikolas (May 14 – replaced Matt Harrison, who was placed on the DL)
  • #39 – Nick Tepesch (May 14 – replaced Martin Perez, who was placed on the DL)
  • #38 – Justin Germano (May 8 – replaced Scott Baker, who was designated for assignment)
  • #37 – Rougned Odor (May 8 – replaced Josh Wilson, who was designated for assignment)
  • #36 – Scott Baker (May 7 – replaced Daniel Robertson, who was optioned to AAA)
  • #35 – Matt Harrison (Apr 27 – replaced Luis Sardinas who was optioned to AAA)
  • #34 – Daniel Robertson (Apr 23 – replaced Pedro Figueroa, who went to DL)
  • #33 – Luis Sardinas (Apr 19 – replaced Jim Adduci, who went to DL)
  • #32 – Aaron Poreda (Apr 18 – replaced Tanner Scheppers, who went to DL)
  • #31 – Colby Lewis (Apr 14 – replaced Daniel McCutchen, who was designated for assignment)
  • #30 – Hector Noesi (Apr 13 – replaced Adrian Beltre, who went to DL)
  • #29 – Kevin Kouzmanoff (Apr 9 – replaced Seth Rosin, who was designated for assignment)
  • #28 – Yu Darvish (Apr 6 – replaced Nick Martinez, who was sent to AA)
  • #27 – Nick Martinez (Apr 5 – replaced Daniel McCutchen, who was sent to AA)
  • #26 - Daniel McCutchen (Apr 1 – replaced Chris Gimenez, who was designated for assignment)

#25 to #1: Neal Cotts, Pedro Figueroa, Jason Frasor, Alexi Ogando, Martin Perez, Seth Rosin, Robbie Ross, Jr., Joe Saunders, Tanner Scheppers, Joakim Soria, Shawn Tolleson, J.P. Arencibia, Robinson Chirinos, Chris Gimenez, Elvis Andrus, Adrian Beltre, Prince Fielder, Donnie Murphy, Josh Wilson, Jim Adduci, Michael Choice, Shin-Soo Choo, Leonys Martin, Mitch Moreland, Alex Rios.  (the original 25 is not in any particular order)

Players making their Making Major League Debut are bolded

Roster Notes:

  • * The total number of pitchers/position players do not add up because Mitch Moreland (May 6) and Chris Gimenez (Jul 10) both pitched an inning and count as both a position player and as a pitcher.
  • Apparently the Rangers don’t officially count guys who are called up and sent down without actually playing (Miles Mikolas) – but I do.
  • In 2014, the Rangers have just one in the original opening day 25 that were making their major league debuts (Seth Rosin).  The previous years’ counts in that regard were two in 2013 (Leury Garcia & Smokin’ Joe Ortiz), 2012 (Darvish & Ross), one in 2011 (Mason Tobin), none in 2010, one in 2009 (Elvis Andrus), and one in 2008 (Kaz Fukumori).
  • We have 11 players making their debut as Texas Rangers: Pedro Figueroa, Seth Rosin, Joe Saunders, Shawn Tolleson, J.P. Arencibia, Chris Gimenez, Prince Fielder, Donnie Murphy, Josh Wilson, Michael Choice, Shin-Soo Choo.  

Darvish to DL

  • P Yu Darvish placed on 15 day DL
  • P Alex Claudio purchased from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, it was inevitable.   Darvish is on the DL.  Initial reports are saying “elbow inflammation”.   Not the words I wanted to hear about him.   That phrase in my mind leads to larger problems.  Hope we’re not going there.

This is also the 24th roster move the Rangers have made this season because of the disabled list – a major league record.

As for Alex Claudio, hope the kid comes up and isn’t knocked around, be nice to have a kid come up and do well.  Especially this season.


Soto back from DL – again

  • C Geovany Soto activated from DL
  • P Jerome Williams designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Soto is back again.  Jerome Williams is gone.  Can’t think of anything terribly exciting to say about either move at the moment.  Still annoyed at the DFA of Gimenez from a few days ago.  :(


Chris Gimenez DFA

  • C Chris Gimenez removed from paternity leave list and designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTE: That’s a pretty uncool thing to do, IMO.  I know about the “business” of all of it, but man, cutting the guy loose when he’s home dealing with a brand new baby?   I lost a job I loved dearly six days before my son was born, and that sucked.   Really did not enjoy hearing this news – not from a baseball standpoint, but from a human standpoint.  Bleargh.  :)


Mike Carp

  • IF Mike Carp acquired on waiver claim from Boston Red Sox
  • P Alexi Ogando placed on 60 day DL [ Link ] – Aug 3
  • IF Mike Carp added to active roster
  • C Chris Gimenez placed on paternity list [ Link ] – Aug 4

NOTES: Mike Carp was claimed on waivers from Boston on Sunday and then added to the roster on Monday.  He’s a player that had an awesome 2013 season, and then fell down in 2014, and was dfa by Boston.  A friend of mine who is a Sox fan says he can be a great player if you give him time to play, something he didn’t really get in 2014 in Boston.   We shall see.  :)


Phil Klein purchased

  • P Phil Klein purchased from AAA
  • P Ryan Feierabend designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: The pitching carousel continues.


New Texas Rangers Logo



10455262_726573514053086_2153860029257373126_nArlington, Texas – July 29, 2014 – In order to properly reflect the current status of the Texas Rangers, the club has today released a new logo. This logo, while very similar to the most recent logo, does contain one new section.

This is a bandage over top of the Texas Rangers logo, which will be sponsored by Band-Aid™ brand adhesives. Rob Matwick, Executive Vice President, Business Operations says, “The money brought in by this new sponsorship will help improve the already extensive medical facilities already deployed (by necessity) by the Texas Rangers”.

Matwick continues, “The Band-Aid brand is one of the most respected brands in American business history, and for the Texas Rangers to align themselves with a much respected business icon can be nothing but beneficial to the long term stability of the Texas Rangers.”

New caps, jerseys, and other merchandise bearing the new logo are available immediately at the Texas Rangers Team Shops at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

About Rangers Baseball LLC: The Texas Rangers are a professional US baseball team and are owned by Rangers Baseball LLC, a consortium of various owners, headed by Ray C. Davis & Bob R. Simpson. The team is part of the Western Division within the American League of Major League Baseball. The team plays its home games in Globe Life Park in Arlington.

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Rangers Captain
1000 Ballpark Way Ste 400
Arlington, TX 76011
Ph: +1-817-273-5222



Jerome Williams purchased

  • P Jerome Williams purchased from AAA
  • OF Jake Smolinski placed on 15 day DL (retro to Jul 22)
  • P Justin Marks designated for assignment
  • P Joseph Ortiz activated from 60 day DL and optioned to AA
  • 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff moved from 15 day to 60 day DL [ Link ]

NOTES: The last two there were mostly just procedural.  Smokin’ Joe Ortiz was activated, but optioned immediately.  Kouzmanoff, who I was bummed went to the DL (and someone probably won’t play for the Rangers again) was moved to the 60 to make room.

However, the bigger news is Jerome Williams.  Formerly of the Angels, he was purchased on Friday to make the start for the Rangers, becoming the 32nd pitcher used this season (including the two position players Mitch Moreland & Chris Gimenez).   Kind of a bummer about Smolinski, I was digging that kid.  But hey, we’d gone a few days without someone being hurt – it was overdue!


Nate Adcock purchased

  • P Nate Adcock purchased from AAA
  • P Mitch Moreland moved from 15 day to 60 day DL [ Link ]

NOTES: With Soria gone to Detroit, Nate Adcock is brought up to take his spot on the 25 man roster.   Moreland was moved to the 60 day DL to make room for Adcock on the 40 man.    Hmm.  another pitcher.  We’ve used a couple this year already.  :)


Soria traded to Detroit

  • P Joaquim Soria traded to Detroit Tigers for P Jake Thompson and P Corey Knebel. [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, with this season in the tank, moving some of the more valuable (but not TOO valuable) pieces was inevitable.  As many have said, you don’t need a real hot closer when you have the worst record in baseball, so we moved Soria to Detroit for two minor league pitchers.   I don’t know much about these kids other than what I heard on the Rangers post game show last night.  But the one thing that I think is the coolest about them is the fact that they were both in the Top 10 prospect list for the Detroit organisation.

Also, as a lesser thing, both inbound pitchers are from Texas, one of them from Rockwall, which is like a 2 minute drive from where I live.  From a baseball standpoint, that does’t mean anything, but it’s always cool to have local boys in the organization.

I’ll miss Soria. I liked his pickup originally, but the brain said we didn’t need him, even if the heart didn’t want to let him go.


Adduci back

  • 1B Jim Adduci activated from 15 day DL
  • P Matt West optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Jim Adduci is off the DL for Monday’s game in Yankee stadium.  He’s one of those guys I always liked having on the team.  Kind of reminds me a bit of Herbert Perry.  Never going to light the world on fire, but a good, solid guy to have around.  Hope he is properly healed, and can help us.  We certainly need it.


Ryan Feierabend purchased

  • P Ryan Feierabend (#68) purchased from AAA
  • P Aaron Poreda optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Ryan Feierabend becomes the 50th different player the Rangers have used on the big league club in 2014.  That sets a new major league record for most players on the roster before the All-Star break.

In other news, Jim Adduci was assigned to AA Frisco for a rehab assignment, and Engel Beltre was removed from his rehab assignment, and remains on the 60 day DL.


More changes

  • P Phil Irwin optioned to AAA
  • P Matt West recalled from AAA
  • C Geovany Soto moved from AAA to AA for rehab [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Irwin got his cup of coffee.  Matt West is recalled from AAA to take his spot.  This is really starting to feel like musical chairs where I have no idea who is playing.


Nick Martinez to DL

  • P Nick Martinez placed on 15 day DL, retro to Jul 2
  • P Phil Irwin recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Sigh.


Michael Choice sent down

  • P Roman Mendez (#55) recalled from AAA
  • OF Jake Smolinski (#20) contract purchased from AAA
  • OF Michael Choice optioned to AAA
  • IF Donnie Murphy designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Michael Choice, who was super hot coming out of spring training has been anything but in the majors.  Finally had enough, I would imagine, and sent him down.  Donnie Murphy was always kind of a spare plug kind of player.  Didn’t dislike him, but he didn’t exactly set the world on fire.  Time to check out another couple of kids, both of which will be making their major league debuts when they play.

They also said we’ll have another pitcher starting tomorrow making a debut, so the carousel continues to turn.


Neftali Feliz is back

  • P Neftali Feliz recalled from AAA
  • P Ben Rowen optioned to AAA
  • P Joe Saunders placed on release waivers [ Link ]

NOTES: Neftali Feliz makes his return to the Rangers roster, and Ben Rowen was sent down.  Ben Rowen I rather liked, but Feliz, if he truly is healthy and ready can be a massive asset.   I think this is a lost season at this point, but still, Feliz has got to be better than most of the other optiosn we’ve been running out there lately.

Just in case anyone was holding on hope (snicker) that Saunders might pass through waivers and be outrighted..  The Rangers put him on release waivers today.  He’s done.


Joe Saunders DFA’ed

  • P Miles Mikolas (#36) recalled from AAA
  • P Joe Saunders designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!


Rosales back

  • IF Adam Rosales (#9) purchased from AAA
  • IF Luis Sardinas optioned to AAA
  • P Cory Burns claimed by Tampa Bay off waivers [ Link ]

NOTES: None of these guys are a real long term solution, but I suspect the team felt they were better off with a slightly more experienced player (Rosales) than Sardinas on the bench.


Carlos Pena is back

  • 1B Carlos Pena (#21) purchased from AAA
  • 1B/OF Brad Snyder designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Carlos Pena is back.  I’m not expecting much from him, but he can hardly be any worse than who was playing there after Moreland went down.  Thing is, can Pena take over the club lead in strikeouts given he’s missed so much of the season so far? I  think he can!

There’s a story on the MLB site about getting a “fresh start” with the Rangers this year.   I hope it goes better with his fresh starts with the A’s, the Tigers, the Red Sox, the Rays, the Cubs, the Astros, & the Royals.


Ross optioned

  • P Aaron Poreda recalled from AAA
  • P Robbie Ross optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Robbie Ross pitched his way out of the starting rotation, and now has pitched himself off the roster.  He hasn’t been the same pitcher this year, that’s for sure.  Poreda is back for his third stint with the club.   Not sure what’s up with Ross, he was pretty darned good last year.  Not his year – but that’s par for the course for the entire team this year, I think.


Scheppers BACK to DL

  • P Tanner Scheppers placed on 15 day DL
  • P Ben Rowen (#39) recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Seriously?  I’ve run out of ways to describe guys going to the DL at this point.


Moreland to DL

  • 1B Mitch Moreland placed on 15 day DL
  • 1B/OF Brad Snyder (#64) purchased from AAA
  • P Matt Harrison moved from 15 day to 60 day DL [ Link ]

NOTES: Because why not?  Everyone else is hurt.  At this point, I’m expecting Ron Washington or Jon Daniels to go on the DL.


Scheppers Back

  • P Tanner Scheppers activated from 15 day DL
  • P Aaron Poreda optioned to AAA
  • OF Jim Adduci sent on rehab assignment at AAA [ Link ]

NOTE: Scheppers is back from his DL stint.  I really hope his awful pitching early in the season really was just from him being hurt, as he was doing well until the season started.

Poreda becomes this year’s up and down guy.  Up and down all the time.  :)


Ogando to DL

  • P Alexi Ogando placed on 15 day DL
  • P Aaron Poreda recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Our very own Joba Chamberlin (Ogando) is back on the DL again, a frequent event with him.  I wouldn’t call him injury porone…. oh who am I kidding?  He’s a train wreck, it seems.    Been pitching bad this year (especially lately).



Rangers get Jason Donald

  • IF Jason Donald acquired from Kansas City Royals for Cash [ Link ]

NOTE: Don’t know much about him, but again, injuries seem to be driving everything we’re doing this year so far.  he’s going on paternity leave immediately, and then he’ll get assigned over the weekend to Round Rock’s roster.