UPDATE:  I stopped doing daily game updates in the middle of the 2013 season.  The amount of time was just getting too much, and as I write this paragraph in 2015, I’m still happy with that decision.  I’ve left all the old materials here, and there’s a few parts of the site that I still update regularly (uniform numbers & “How Many This Season”).  But daily game updates aren’t my thing anymore.  I spend more time talking about the Rangers on Facebook.   Anyway, I wrote in more detail about this decision elsewhere on the site.  You can read that here.


I started this site in December of 1998, and the first season was 1999.  From 1999 through 2011, I produced “schedule” pages.  They would be rather painstakingly set up by me during spring training so that I could update them with proper scores and all that.   From 1999 through late 2005, I used to use Microsoft Frontpage to maintain the site, and it was easy. From the 2006 season through the 2011 season, I used Movable Type blogging software, and I had some very custom templates worked up to generate a calendar page.  For the 2012 season, I’ve moved to WordPress, and their template system is totally different.  I’ve decided to try a different approach, as I can now easily list the entries for a particular season.  I don’t get the nice calendar layout I used to, though.

To that, I’ve decided to change away from “schedule” pages to “Season summary” pages, where all of my remarks for a single season are there, and some stats and relevant links.  That’s what you’ll see in the season pages now.  I’ve done away with the old style calendar, but I have sort of kept an interactive calendar active from the 2009 seasons onwards by using a Google Calendar maintained my  Those show scores and let you pick the dates you want to see and all that.  Use the dropdown menu to select the season you want to view.

If you want to see results for seasons previous to 1999, make sure and visit this page over at Baseball Reference.  They have box scores and summaries and whatnot for every game from the 1910’s until now.  :)

I also have a page showing many of the pocket schedules the Rangers have issued from 1972 to 2012.  That too is in the dropdown menu.