NOTE: In June 2013, I ceased regular updates on this site insofar as the daily updates go (story about that here).   I’m not going to be updating this roster section anymore, but I left the work here as it was when I last updated this section.

Active Pitchers


Active Position Players


Disabled List



These players are Ranger minor league players that I had created a roster page for at some point, and didn’t want to lose the page. I’m not planning on listing all of them, as there’s too many for me to keep track of.


Former Rangers

These players are former Rangers that I had a roster page for previously. Since I didn’t want to delete the information I had on them, I’m still linking them here. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of former players, just ones I used to have roster pages for duing the operation of this site. I also will try and keep up with their current whereabouts and movements as best I can. If you find out about a player movement I don’t have listed, please tell me. Gratzi.