I’ve had a few site variants over the years, and several different kinds of menus.  As the site has evolved since it’s initial launch back in December of 1998, I’ve gone through many different items in the menus.  However, as I relaunch it in 2012 under the most radical redesign I think I’ve ever had, the menu has become quite streamlined.  I’ve decided to move things that probably didn’t need a top level menu to some other part of the site.  This “Other” group has several of them.  You can reach them with the dropdown menu above, but I ‘ve included descriptions of them here:

  • Photo Gallery – This is a photo gallery of various pictures of Rangers games, players, and events over the years.  The Photo gallery
  • Links – Some of my favorite links about other teams
  • Book Reviews – This is a mostly older part of the site, but contains several book reviews I’ve done on Rangers & baseball related books.
  • Downloads – This is a page left over from the first few years of the site’s existence, but has a few downloads that are of interest.  It’s not updated anymore, but I didn’t want to lose the data on the page.
  • Contact Me – Pretty self explanatory

Forum Software

I also used to run forum software called UBBThreads, but in this design, I’ve decided to not carry that over.  I rarely used it myself, and the software had become a major security risk anyway.  Given I’ve moved to WordPress and the ability to allow user comments there, I feel this can replace the interaction with others.  Thanks for understanding.  You can also visit the Facebook page I spend most of my time talking about Rangers stuff these days at.  :)