Rangers get Jason Donald

  • IF Jason Donald acquired from Kansas City Royals for Cash [ Link ]

NOTE: Don’t know much about him, but again, injuries seem to be driving everything we’re doing this year so far.  he’s going on paternity leave immediately, and then he’ll get assigned over the weekend to Round Rock’s roster.

G123: Beltre powers Texas to 12-3 stomping

The Rangers are leading all of baseball with big innings this year.  We have something like 25 5-run or more innings in 2012.  This game we almost did that twice in the same inning.  We put a major hurt on the Orioles tonight with a five spot in the fourth inning.  If you let a team back from a pounding like that, then you deserve to lose the game.  Fortunately, however, the Rangers didn’t do that, and kept the Orioles down on the way to a 12-3 stomping.   The biggest highlight was Adrian Beltre, of course.  Why?

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