Rangers sign Koyie Hill

  • C Koyie Hill signed to a minor league contract, assigned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: I suspect this was done solely to fortify the minor league catching situation.  We’ve burnt through rather a lot of catchers lately, needed someone down there.


Napoli to DL

  • C Mike Napoli placed on 15 day DL
  • C Luis Martinez recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Napoli has been pretty flat all season, and it could be just due to him being hurt.   I suspect he might be done for the season, as going down the stretch, we don’t need a guy who isn’t hitting a whole lot.    Our catching situation has changed a lot, as Soto is now “the guy”, and Luis Martinez (who) is now the backup.  I guess that next year we resign Napoli, and keep Soto as the backup.   We’ll see.


Mark Lowe activated

  • P Mark Lowe activated from DL
  • IF Alberto Gonzalez designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, someone had to leave the 25 man roster when Mark Lowe was returned.  However, we sacrificed a bench guy to do it.  I know we can use the pitching help right now, so that’s likely why the switch.  Alberto Gonzalez has been on the 25 man roster since opening day, so it’s probably disappointing for him to be DFA’ed at this point.   Gonzalez never lit me on fire excitement wise.  You always need guys like that, but the 2012 edition of the bench hasn’t been nearly as exciting (to me) as the editions from the last couple of seasons before this one.   Hopefully Mark Lowe comes back and gets the job done, as we need the help, that’s for sure.


Mike Olt purchased

  • 1B/3B Mike Olt (#9) purchased from AA
  • IF/OF Brandon Snyder optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: So, Mike Olt, the guy who so much talk was centered around (if not realistically) during the trade deadline is brought up to make his major league debut with the big club.  Olt will be wearing #9, and he displaces Brandon Snyder, who hasn’t done a lot – a common theme for our bench this year.


Dempster activated

  • P Ryan Dempster (#46) added to active 25 man roster
  • P Martin Perez optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Dempster was added to the roster today on the day he makes his start.  He took Robbie Ross’ #46, and Ross moved to 28.


Ryan Dempster acquired

  • P Ryan Dempster acquired via trade from Cubs for Christian Villanueva & Kyle Hendricks [ Link

NOTES: This is probably a direct response to the loss of Colby Lewis for the year.  Dempster is probably a rental player, so I don’t see him being a piece in 2013, but it’ll be fun while he’s here, provided he’s not awful.   At a minimum I expect..  No I DEMAND a video with dueling Harry Carey impressions with Derek Holland.


Geovany Soto acquired via trade

  • C Geovany Soto (#8) acquired from Cubs via trade for P Jake Brigham & PTBNL or $ 
  • C Yorvit Torrealba designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Soto isn’t a massive upgrade over Torrealba.  He’s younger, firstly.  Neither of them hits with any real power – or batting average for that matter, so there’s no upgrade there.  Soto is reported to be a better “catcher”.  Not that Torrealba has awful, he wasn’t, but Soto’s probably a little better.  When Soto first came up, he did nice for me on some fantasy baseball teams at the time, but his batting average is pretty rank lately.  Hopefully the switch helps him.   This is likely to me a move to help with catching in 2013, as both Napoli & Torrealba are slated to be free agents after this season.


Moreland back from DL

  • 1B Mitch Moreland activated from 15 day DL
  • OF Leonys Martin optioned to AAA Round Rock [ Link ]

NOTES: Martin has been “ok”, but not spectacular.   Hasn’t gotten a TON of playing time, either, so he’s probably the logical choice to go back down now that Moreland is back.


Colby Lewis BACK to DL

  • P Colby Lewis placed on 15 Day DL, retro to last Thursday
  • P Martin Perez (#33) recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Remember that transaction a few days ago?  Forget it.  Colby’s back to DL, and this time, he’s not coming back.  He’s out for the year.  Bummer.


Colby Lewis activated from DL

  • P Colby Lewis activated from DL
  • P Martin Perez optioned to AAA Round Rock [ Link ]

NOTES: Uh, OK, Colby is back.   Perez wasn’t going to say.  Non exciting, and unsurprising move.


Ogando activated from DL

  • P Alexi Ogando activated from 15 day DL
  • C Yorvit Torrealba placed on MLB Paternity Leave List [ Link ]
NOTES: Well, that explains why Luis Martinez was recalled a couple of days ago.  :)

Luis Martinez recalled

  • C Luis Martinez (#15) recalled from AAA Round Rock
  • P Yoshinori Tateyama optioned to AAA Round Rock

NOTES: Not entirely sure why we picked up a third catcher here.


Derek Holland Back from DL

  • P Derek Holland activated from DL
  • P Justin Grimm optioned to AA Frisco [ Link ]

NOTES: No surprise, we knew Holland was coming back, and I didn’t think Grimm was a realistic long term option right now, despite his first start.


Mark Lowe to DL

  • P Mark Lowe placed on 15 day DL
  • P Yoshinori Tateyama recalled from AAA [ Link ]
NOTES: Yawn.

Colby Lewis to DL

  • P Colby Lewis placed on 15 day DL
  • P Martin Perez (#33) recalled from AA [ Link ]

NOTES: Shame, as Lewis was someone I liked.  Now that he’s actually out for the year, it makes the acquisition of Oswalt more important.  Not unless he becomes a head case like he did in Philly.  ;(    Don’t know a ton about Perez, but I suspect he’s more a stopgap for the moment.


Oswalt Purchased

  • P Roy Oswalt (#44) purchased from AAA Round Rock
  • 1B Mitch Moreland placed on 15 day DL, retro to Jun 20
  • P Mark Hamburger designated for assignment [ Link ]

Remarks: Well, we knew Oswalt was coming, it was just a matter of time.  Whether he’s good Oswalt, or the one that was “eh” at the end of his Philly career remains to be seen. His minor league starts aren’t any indicator, I think.   Moreland to the DL was a surprise.  I also kind of liked Mark Hamburger.  Whether it was the obvious joke possibility of his name, or his actual pitching, I honestly can’t say.  However, he did seem like a nice guy, and you never really want to lose nice guys.


Willie Eyre signed

  • P Willie Eyre signed to a one year minor league contract

REMARK: There’s not a lot to this, I would think.  He was here for awhile, up for a bit, then gone.  I suspect this is a “bolster the minors roster” type of move.  Can’t see this being a big deal long term.   Does make me wonder, if he comes up, does he get his old uniform number back, or will Justin Grimm get to keep it?  :)


Grimm Purchased

  • P Justin Grimm purchased from AA Frisco
  • P Yoshinori Tateyama optioned to AAA
  • P Neftali Feliz moved from 15 day to 60 day DL [ Link ]

Calling up Justin Grimm was definitely a surprising move to this fan.  I would have thought there were others in the pecking order above him, but apparently not.  Grimm’s the man.  Probably up here for a start, and then back to whence he came.

Feliz going to the 60 day DL is a procedural move, saw remarks saying this has nothing to do with his recovery status, just a way to get Grimm on the roster.  Tateyama going to AAA is probably also temporary.   Probably a lot of moves coming soon.  Someone loses their place on the roster when Feliz comes back, though.


Uehara to DL

  • P Koji Uehara placed on 15 day DL
  • OF Leonys Martin recalled from AAA [ Link ]

This was done because Josh Hamilton had to go into the hospital on Friday due to a stomach virus.  It was obviously decided to go with one less pitcher than one less position player, due to the positional swapout here.  I wasn’t aware of Uehara being hurt, really – I wonder if this is one of those “use the DL when they’re not truly hurt” kind of moves.  Oh well, Martin is probably only up here for a few games, then he goes back down.  Not a big deal here, IMO.


Ogando goes to DL

  • P Alexi Ogando placed on 15 day DL, retro to Jun 11
  • P Michael Kirkman recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: I already ranted about this on Sunday’s report.  Ogando goes to the DL due to trying to beat out a bunt (video here)- when the pitcher shouldn’t have been batting in the first place.  It’s a groin strain, and was worse than they initially expected.   The press release/story say that they don’t expect him back until after the All-Star break, but I read somewhere, it could be further than that (almost two months).  Ugh.

That means we have Feliz, Ogando, & Holland on the DL.  Two starters, and one who was a starter last year.  Ugh 2.


Derek Holland to DL

  • P Derek Holland placed on 15 day DL
  • P Tanner Scheppers purchased from AAA [ Link ]

NOTE: Well, crap.  Apparently Holland isn’t seriously hurt, it’s more a virus that is making him weak, so it was decided to rest him up.  Shouldn’t be down long.  Would probably explain his crappy outings the last few times out.  Scheppers gets his first major league callup.


Roy Oswalt signed

  • P Roy Oswalt signed to a 1yr minor league deal [ Link ]

NOTES: In a move that has been expected for awhile, Roy Oswalt was signed to a minor league deal.  Presumably to take the spot of Neftali Feliz in the rotation.  Due to my Phillies connection, I’ve been watching Oswalt up there for a bit (of recent vintage).  He’s still OK as a back of the rotation guy, but he’s not the #1 guy he was in Houston anymore.  Still, I think it’s a good move.  He can probably help us.  Will take a few weeks to get him up to the majors, though.  Probably not till towards the end of June, I’d wager.

I remember seeing Oswalt back in AA in Round Rock, when they were in the Houston organization.  My wife and I used to travel down there regularly (before we had kids), and would take in some games there.  What’s interesting about the Round Rock connection is when we saw him there, his manager was Jackie Moore, the current Rangers bench coach.  His pitching coach then was Mike Maddux, the current Rangers pitching coach.  His team owner was Nolan Ryan.  Ahem.  :)


John Gaub Claimed

  • P John Gaub acquired on a Waiver claim from Tampa Bay [ Link ]

NOTE: Have to confess, I know next to nothing about this guy.  He was optioned to AAA after he was acquired.


Neftali Feliz to DL

  • P Neftali Feliz placed on 15 day DL
  • P Yoshinori Tateyama recalled from AAA [ Link ]

Remarks: It would explain Neffy’s iffy outings lately.    Tateyema is not a direct replacement, just an “arm” replacement.  Word is that Scott Feldman will initially slide into the rotation, but whether we go with him, or make a move on Roy Oswalt who is hanging out there is unknown now.

Tateyama has been tearing it up in AAA this season, going 1-0 with a save, and a 0.54 ERA (1ER in 16.2IP).  Quite the line.  If it translates up here, then this is a major bonus!

This is a record for the team – we were still operating with the opening day 25 – it’s definitely a Rangers record going to May 21st and game 40 until you make your first roster move.  Wonder what the longest streak for all the teams is?


25 Man Roster Set

  • OF Julio Borbon optioned to AAA
  • P Yoshinori Tateyama placed on 15 day DL (retro to Mar 30)
  • IF Luis Hernandez assigned to AAA
  • P Robbie Ross purchased from AAA
  • IF Alberto Gonzalez purchased from AAA
  • P Cody Eppley designated for assignment
  • P Neil Cotts assigned to AAA
  • P Aaron Heilman signed to a 1 year minor league contract [ Link ]

Some remarks: None of these were a huge surprise, really.  We knew about pretty much all of these moves before the season started.  Given this is the 25 man roster, I’ll make a larger separate post about this separately.