Soria traded to Detroit

  • P Joaquim Soria traded to Detroit Tigers for P Jake Thompson and P Corey Knebel. [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, with this season in the tank, moving some of the more valuable (but not TOO valuable) pieces was inevitable.  As many have said, you don’t need a real hot closer when you have the worst record in baseball, so we moved Soria to Detroit for two minor league pitchers.   I don’t know much about these kids other than what I heard on the Rangers post game show last night.  But the one thing that I think is the coolest about them is the fact that they were both in the Top 10 prospect list for the Detroit organisation.

Also, as a lesser thing, both inbound pitchers are from Texas, one of them from Rockwall, which is like a 2 minute drive from where I live.  From a baseball standpoint, that does’t mean anything, but it’s always cool to have local boys in the organization.

I’ll miss Soria. I liked his pickup originally, but the brain said we didn’t need him, even if the heart didn’t want to let him go.