Shin-Soo Choo

Hopefully this South Korean signing goes better than the last one we had.   That guy wore #61, though.

We officially announced Choo yesterday, and I’ve always liked him.   Was one of those guys I always said “I’d love to that THAT guy”, but never figured we would.  Much in the same way I always wanted Vlad Guerrero.  Player I enjoyed watching playing for others.

We are paying for him, of that there’s no doubt.  But the new TV contract money kicks in after the 2014 season.  You always figured we’d do stuff like this what that extra TV contract money.   This, and Prince Fielder are players that I think we have due to the influx of new cash from the TV contract.

Choo’s salary:

2014:  $14M
2015:  $14M
2016:  $20M
2017:  $20M
2018:  $20M
2019:  $21M
2020:  $21M

Apparently the first couple of years have some dollars moved off until later.  I’ve read where it was to create “team flexibility” early on.  I think it’s to offload it for the new TV money.   He does get a partial no trade clause, although in what capacity, I’m not sure.

One thing I’ll say I’m hopeful for.  When Chan Ho Park first came to Texas, the first couple of months before he started stinking up the joint, he’d come out, and the Koreans would be all over his games.  When Park would get a strikeout, they’d all start dancing and hootin’ and hollerin, blowing their horns and all that.  Was a very fun atmosphere.  I hope Choo brings that back, as I really missed that once Park started being bad.

I’ve been getting an itch to write again, so I probably will have more to say soon.  Don’t think I’ll return to daily updates again, but I have wanted to say more.