Season is Over

Well, the season is over.  We got eliminated in Game 163, the tie-breaker.

I’ll probably write something about all this shortly.   Today’s news however, is that Bench coach Jackie Moore and coach Dave Anderson will not be back in 2014.  That was announced today (Oct 2nd).  [ Link ]

There was some noise today that the team wanted to get rid of Moore after the 2012 season, but Wash talked them into keeping him.  Not sure what the deal with Dave Anderson was at all.    If you ask me, and you haven’t, I’d bring up Steve Buchele to be bench coach.    If they do bring up Buuuuuuchele, it might set up some sort of situation like Philly had where Charlie Manuel had Ryne Sandberg hanging around.  Charlie had been there for awhile, and the team was struggling, so it kind of seemed to me as a Phillies fan that Sandberg was hanging around waiting for Manuel to get fired.   If the Rangers make Buchele Wash’s bench coach, there will probably be a lot of talk about “How long will Wash keep that job until they replace him with Steve Buchele?”

I am NOT in the camp that says we need to get rid of Washington at all.  I like him.   But he probably needs to show some sort of improvement in 2014, or he probably will be suspect.  I believe his contract is up after 2014.

Most importantly, who will Ron Washington hug after wins next year?  :)


  1. Ed Looney says

    Technically, Moore and Anderson weren’t fired as has widely been bandied about. Their contracts just ran out and, since the team wasn’t headed in that “positive” direction we all want, their chance also expired. Too bad for Moore that he’s ticked off – but, he was on the mast of a ship in a storm and just fell off into the ocean of unemployment.

    Looking back, I’m at a loss to find anyone who the Rangers “fired”; other than Thad Bosley, who got on the wrong side of the players… don’t go there – you won’t last.

    Wash’s contract is up at the end of 2014. That may be the only reason he’s still around. The team values loyalty and will give it to get it. JD has made noises about extending Ron, but I hope he doesn’t do that. I think we need a new voice directing the team – the old one doesn’t seem to be having the success it had early on.