Manny Ramirez

  • OF/DH Manny Ramirez signed to a 1 year contract and assigned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES:  Normally I don’t report transactions on minor league signings with no corresponding major league move, because there’s a ton of them.  This one, however is not your garden variety minor league signing.   If you’re reading this page, you know Manny Ramirez.   I know a lot of people are bent out of shape for bringing him in.   It *IS* a bit of an eyebrow raiser, but I don’t object to it.   I’m kind of “meh” about the whole thing.   The Rangers are not bringing him up just for the show of having his name attached to the club.   If he does make it to the majors (which I’m not convinced of), then he will have earned it.   The way our offense is sputtering, we could use it – assuming he can actually still hit.