G33: Rangers lose again, this time 6-3 to Brewers

As last game could be the start of Nick Tepesch’s loss of his rotation spot when guys come back, this one could have been the start of Justin Grimm’s.   Eight hits and three walks combined for five runs in five innings.  Ugh.   However, all five runs came in the first inning.  That he came out beyond the first was a bit of a surprise.  But he did put up zeroes in innings 2-5.   That’s not bad, but the first inning was pretty far away from good.  Check that, VERY far away.

My man Smokin’ Joe Ortiz had another shutout inning.  Liking this guy a lot!

Mitch Moreland continues to heat up with another home run – his fifth of the season so far.  Liking he seems to be figuring it out.

That’s about all I’m gonna write, as I didn’t see or hear any of this game.   Taking a pass, as I don’t feel like doing an all box score game recap.  :)


  1. Mike C says

    RE: Joe Ortiz..

    While listening to a game one night last week on the way home from work, I heard Eric Nadel comment that Joe Ortiz has officially requested that the media refer to him as Joseph Ortiz. Just FYI.