G21: Rangers blow out Angels, win 11-3

It was Wednesday evening.  I was working.  I was working most of the evening, actually, so I didn’t have time to check into this game.   As such, I didn’t care too much that I’d get it spoiled.   So it was late, and I saw a few of my friends on Facebook being rather happy talking about Nelson Cruz, and “that was a great inning” in their updates (Hi Rose!).   So I thought I’d check in and see what was going on.  Turns out I missed the biggest offensive inning of the year to date.  We tagged nine runs on the Angels in the top of the fourth inning!!

I was bummed I missed the big inning.  I did end up watching it the next morning on an mlb.tv replay.   We tacked on a few more a couple of innings later, going up 11-0 against the Angels.   The big nine spot damage was done against starter Michael Roth, and then David Carpenter.  IT was one of those innings that it didn’t really matter what they threw at us.  It was getting hit.  I mean look at this:

Walk, Single, single, walk, single, strikeout, walk, strikeout, single, walk, home run (Cruz).   The inning had another walk, but it didn’t amount to anything.  There were four coaching visits to the mound in the inning, and two pitching changes.   It was one of those innings you really enjoy.  Yeah, I think I enjoy a good pitching performance as much as anyone else.   But big offensive outbursts like that are just FUN.   This was fun to watch!

Darvish started this game, and did pretty good himself.   Went six innings, allowed just three hits, no runs, and struck out eleven.  At the rate he’s striking out people, I wonder if he has a realistic shot to get to 300 strikeouts in the season – something that hasn’t happened in awhile.

Derek Lowe gave up the three runs the Angels got.

Yeah, I know a lot happened, but to be honest, the story here is the nine run outburst.  That’s what I took away from this the most.  Plus, it was against the Angels, so yeah – liked that!