ST13: Rangers tie Dodgers at 11

Well, a second tie in the first baker’s dozen of games wipes out the odd “-1” from the end of the spring training record.  Now we had two of them.  Not a really uncommon occurrence during the spring, but it’s a tad eyebrow raising to have two of them in the first dozen or so games.  :)

Josh Lindblom, the big “name” we got in return for the Michael Young trade was the last pitcher on the mound for the Rangers, and he served it up.  Gave up a three run home run to cap a Dodgers rally, that made the score 11-11.  Was hoping this guy would be more dominant, but from what I’ve heard from my friends back home, this is about par for the course.

Our big deal was the fifth inning, when we had six straight hits off of two Dodgers pitchers  that totaled a five run inning for the Rangers.  There was an RBI double by David Murphy, a two run single by Leonys Martin, and an Adrian Beltre home run, so it was a nice offensive outburst.  We had another home run in the 7th by Konrad Schmidt (who?).

James Adducci also had a triple in this game – triples are always fun.  :)

Joe Ortiz, a guy I hope makes the club, but probably won’t, had another great inning.  I like this guy.

Our pitching was pretty bad, as when this game was over, we had four pitchers whose ERAs were 5.63, 9.00, 13.50, & 8.44.  So ugh.  :)