ST11: Rangers top San Diego, 5-4

Yu Darvish started this game, and pitched like he’s supposed to.  Three scoreless innings were his tally.   He did walk two, but that was it.  Also threw just 39 pitches, so under average, and no runs.  I’ll take that from any of our pitchers any day.  Great way to get rolling during early March play.

The rest of the Rangers pitchers (5 of them) were all guys we’re not likely to see in a week or two.  They pitched decently enough.  Only one had what would be a bad outing (Cody Buckel), giving up 3ER in 0.2 IP.  But overall, was a great day for the pitching again.

Fortunately, the offense backed that up, scoring five runs on three different Padres pitchers, none of which I had any idea who they are from looking at the box score.  Four doubles and four singles were it for the Rangers.  Couple it with six walks, and the offense did decently, if not amazing.

It’s still too early on in spring to see guys getting three and four hits in a game, so I can’t do my usual thing of a real highlight from the offense, given everything was pretty much get an at bat, maybe two, and you’re out.

Still, win is a win, and we need more, given the really slow start so far this spring.