25 Man Roster Set

Here’s the big gaggle of transactions to set up for Opening Day (today):

  • P Colby Lewis placed on 15 day DL, retro to March 22
  • P Joakim Soria placed on 15 day DL, retro to March 22
  • P Martin Perez placed on 15 day DL, retro to March 22
  • P Cory Burns, P Josh Lindblom, & IF Jurickson Profar optioned to AAA
  • IF Jeff Baker & P Derek Lowe purchased from AAA
  • IF Brandon Allen given unconditional release from AAA

A lot has been written about the makeup of this roster, and it will be weird not having Michael Young here.  I’ll still get to see him in Philly, but it WILL be weird not seeing him here.   A few short remarks about guys on the 25 man roster:

  1. Yu Darvish – Did quite well last season considering the firestorm of media surrounding his arrival.  Had a small down stretch in the middle of the season, but everyone has that.  That game where he came back out after a two hour rain delay was quite telling to his character.  I figure he’ll have a much better season than his already good “MLB Rookie” season last year.
  2. Jason Frasor – Don’t know a ton about him personally, but his reputation is nice.  Our bullpen has had a lot of overhaul, and this is part of the overhaul.   If he can do as good as he has in the past, and doesn’t turn into “veteran who bounces around on his reptuation”, then it’ll be a nice pickup.
  3. Matt Harrison – The opening Day starter, and the guy who takes the hill tonight.  I have him on all of my fantasy baseball teams, and is a guy I’m expecting to have a great season from in 2013.  Really liking his progress.
  4. Derek Holland – I’m HOPING for a better year this year.  Last year wasn’t awful, but it was a step in the wrong direction for Holland.  I like him.  I like his sense of humour.  I hope he can hold it together and progress like Harrison has.  If so, we’ll be a pitching powerhouse,  I think.
  5. Michael Kirkman – A guy who’s been around the periphery for awhile now.  Has never really stepped up, but has looked really good in Spring Training this year.  I’ve played against him on my Xbox, and he’s been lights out there, if that means anything. haha. :)
  6. Derek Lowe – A bit of a surprise here.  Lowe is a guy a big Red Sox fan friend of mine wanted to run out of town in Boston.  He’s come here, and done well in Spring, and is slotted to be a bullpen guy (long reliever, perhaps)?  Strikes me as a starter on the way down, but still effective enough in small doses to get the job done.  That could fit well.
  7. Joe Nathan – Surprised he did as good as he did last year.  Starting to age (38), but I have no reason to expect anything different this year versus last.  It’s also the last year of his contract with us, so I wonder if that plays a factor at all.   Would like him to stay, don’t want another closer issue after this year.
  8. Alexi Ogando – Back to the rotation again.  I’m for that, but I do *NOT* want him to turn into the Texas version of Joba Chamberlin.  If Ogando is to be in the rotation – fine.  Leave him there.  More bouncing back and forth will be bad, I think.
  9. Joe Ortiz – Now this is a guy who came out of nowhere (well, not to the Newberg crowd), and pitched lights out in Spring.   Caught some games on radio and TV and saw him, and I have to say – I was quite impressed.  I’m VERY pleased he has made the opening day roster.  Hopefully he’s this year’s Robbie Ross.
  10. Robbie Ross – After a brief attempt at cracking the rotation, he’s back to the bullpen.  Given all the holes we had there, this isn’t a big surprise really.   Much like Joe Nathan, I have no reason to expect anything different in 2013 vs 2012.
  11. Tanner Scheppers – Much like Kirkman’s story.  Scheppers was VERY heralded before he made an appearance in the major leagues.  Kind of bounced around.  He too has had a good spring, and I’m hoping for a solid performance this year.
  12. A.J. Pierzynski – His offense has been good in the spring, as it was last year.  He’s a veteran catcher, so I’m sure he’ll do well enough.  Need to see how his reputation as a jerk plays out.
  13. Geovany Soto – Said some stuff last year about him.  Liked him as a rookie.  His offense has been in the toilet the last few years.  Good defensive catcher, seems to have lost the ability to hit.  Be nice if that came back.
  14. Elvis Andrus – No expectations of anything different in 2013.   More of the same will be most welcome.
  15. Jeff Baker – A guy I have to say I’m a little surprised is on the 25 man roster.  Don’t hold anything against him, but “Jeff Baker”?  Whaaa?   Has always been a part time guy, going back to 2006 with his years with the Rockies & the Cubs.  The most he’s ever played in a year is 104 games.  Most were in the 80’s, so he was never a top of the line player.  Wash and Co must have seen something in him to add him.  I’ll have to go with that for now.
  16. Adrian Beltre – Be curious to see if he still puts up without Josh Hamilton around him.  Probably will – another guy where “more of the same” will be most welcome.
  17. Lance Berkman – A guy who was talking about retiring before the Rangers went and dumped $10 million on his front lawn to play here.  Always liked him in Houston.  He’s hit well in the spring, I suspect he’ll produce here, but at what level remains to be seen.  I don’t dislike the move – I think he’ll help, I’m just not super excited about it.
  18. Leury Garcia – Making his major league debut, Garcia is a name I recognize from spring training reports.  While I can’t say I saw him play during Spring Training, I’ve read that he’s done well, and you always need guys like this around, so bring him on.  Not sure what to expect, since he has no track record.  Will be a backup infielder.
  19. Ian Kinsler – Still pops up and flies out way too much.   One of my fantasy leagues has another team named “Kinsler’s Pop Up Book”.  Can field, can hit.  Still has too big of an uppercut swing, and flies out WAY too much.
  20. Mitch Moreland – Last year I said he was on the verge of becoming another Chris Davis or Carlos Pena – a 1B guy with power who never lived up to his own promise.  Reports from this spring say he’s headed in the right direction, so I’m hoping for a lot more this year from Mitch.
  21. Julio Borbon – The last dance for him, I think.  Out of options, and is on the 25 man roster only because we won’t need our fifth starter until April 9th.  He’s probably gone before then.  Got buried in a sea of other OF prospects.  I suspect he’ll break the major leagues for good with someone else in a week and a half.
  22. Nelson Cruz – The last year of his contract, and he goes into the season facing a 50 game suspension for steroids.  Streaky as hell player, but with super scary power.  I honestly don’t know what to expect from him this year, to be honest.
  23. Craig Gentry – A player who I’ve always liked, and hasn’t had a chance to play more due to Josh Hamilton being on the roster.  With Josh gone, it’s more time for Gentry.  This spring, he’s had a little more power in his swing.  If that holds up, he might find himself with more playing time than…
  24. Leonys Martin – The other CF guy who will benefit by Josh Hamilton not being here.  He and Gentry are platooning in CF, and I suspect if one of them breaks out a lot.
  25. David Murphy – A guy I think needs to get a 5 year extension, and a good contract.  Have always liked Murph, and again, Josh Hamilton and outfield.  If we don’t keep Cruz after this year, we’d BETTER sign Murph again, as there’ll be no excuse to play him then.  Had a great 2012, and with a regular starting spot, I think he can finally shine.  Looking forward to it.

On the Disabled List:

  • Neftali Feliz – I think everyone thinks of him as a closer.  Problem now is that his experiment as a starter did not go well, he got hurt, and had surgery.  Starts the season on the DL, and when he returns, he has neither a closer nor a starting job to go back to.  Be curious to see what happens, although it’s been said he’s going back to the pen.  Will he be happy with being a setup guy again?  Probably not.  Have to see how that plays out.
  • Colby Lewis – Supposed to be back what, May-ish or so?   If he comes back, and it doesn’t take 6-7 starts to get back to form, this will be a HUGE shot in the arm.  Hopefully we’re not dying for that shot in the arm when it comes, though.
  • Martin Perez – Man, I felt SO bad for this dude in Spring.   Knocked out with an injury in the spring, and is out for a couple of months.  He was having a great spring when that happened, too.
  • Joaquim Soria – A guy who was a great closer in Kansas City, got hurt, and came here.  We signed him hurt.  This is more against the future, not supposed to be ready until the middle of the year.  Hard to tell what we’ll get then now, but if he’s even anywhere near close to what he had in KC, this will be big.



  1. Kurt Cockran says

    Thanks for doing this. I wasn’t able to catch any spring training coverage this year so a recap like this on the players who made the cut is appreciated.