ST6: Rangers lose again, 8-4 to White Sox

That’s two games in two days against the White Sox.  Two losses in a row to the White Sox.  While this one wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s game, we still gave up eight runs, and well, LOST.

Alexi Ogando technically got the loss, but he wasn’t awful.  He gave up just two runs, but both were unearned.  Robbie Ross gave up two earned runs, and Colin Balester gave up FOUR in his inning.  So yeah, bleargh on pitching for the most part.

The Rangers had eight hits in all.  A good game for the slugging percentage, that’s for sure.   Four doubles and a triple.   That will help that stat.  :)   Only Jeff Baker had more than one hit (two, one was a double).

It’s Feb 27th, but man – enough with the losses already.