ST2: Rangers drop game to Royals, 4-2

Tried to pay attention to this game, but I’ve come down with some sickness since yesterday, and it sapped my energy.  Given I had to watch my kids, I didn’t have enough going on upstairs to watch them, and focus on the game.  Heck, I fell asleep twice when the game was on!   This will be a box score recap, since I barely saw just a few minutes of the game on my iPad…

The Rangers again made it obvious this was an early spring training game if you didn’t know that, by using seven pitchers.  The technical starter was Randy Wells, one of the guys in camp to compete for the fifth starter spot.   He went two innings, allowed three hits and a run.  Not bad. Not great, but not bad.    Michael Kirkman followed, and while he’s not a known candidate for the rotation, he pitched extremely well.  Two innings, 25 pitches, three strikeouts, and just one hit – a flare hit, too.   The rest of the Rangers pitchers are guys that probably won’t be here too far into March.  Most of them pitched decently enough – but the last one, Jacob Brigham didn’t – and was saddled with the loss.

Overall, the combined pitching line wasn’t too awful.  8.1IP, 6H, 3ER, 7K, 0BB.   There was an unearned run in there, too.

Offensively, we were fairly flat.  The total lineup had just five hits.  Four singles, and a double (Kinsler).   We sent a total of 19 different players to the plate.  None of those 19 guys could do too much.  The two RBI’s we did get were Kinsler & Murphy.   So, eh on the offense for this game.

The loss was a walkoff too, never like those a whole lot.   :(