Fun video with Dempster & Holland

I got sent this video from someone at, showing Derek Holland being interviewed on the MLB Network.  During it, Ryan Dempster is acting, well.. ODD in the background.  He’s not there for the whole video, but when he’s not, Holland is goofing it up quite well on his own.   Some other bits from the interview include Holland talking about possibly growing back his mustache (Nooooooooooooo!), Ron Washington’s walks around the ballpark, and photo-bombing Tom Verducci earlier this year.

One favorite moment from this is when Derek says that he and Ryan have already done their “Duelling Harry Cary” impressions, and that they plan on breaking it out publicly at some point.  Now THAT I want to see!

Thanks to Tim for the headsup on the video!   Hey Tim..  MLB needs to make MLBN a “real” network.  Broadcast it over some channel in regular broadcast television.  Some of us (like myself) can’t afford cable TV anymore, and had to give up (quite painfully, I might point out) MLBN.