Working the backlog

I have started making a dent on the backlog of game updates. I’m still dealing with a pulled muscle in my arm, and it does hurt to sit at my desk for any length of time. Given I have so many of these to do I would be sitting there for quite a long time I don’t really feel like dealing with that pain.

When I decided to do is do the updates from my iPad using dictation. So these updates that you’re seeing since last June are all voice dictated into my iPad. In order to keep myself from multitasking from the WordPress app back to the MLB app on my iPad, decided to two-fist it and look at the updates and recaps on my iPhone with the MLB app into the dictation on my iPad.

I’m backdating them so they will appear in the proper order as to when they happened. At the rate I’m going it might take me another week to catch up, but I’ll get there. Thanks for visiting the site!