Roy Oswalt signed

  • P Roy Oswalt signed to a 1yr minor league deal [ Link ]

NOTES: In a move that has been expected for awhile, Roy Oswalt was signed to a minor league deal.  Presumably to take the spot of Neftali Feliz in the rotation.  Due to my Phillies connection, I’ve been watching Oswalt up there for a bit (of recent vintage).  He’s still OK as a back of the rotation guy, but he’s not the #1 guy he was in Houston anymore.  Still, I think it’s a good move.  He can probably help us.  Will take a few weeks to get him up to the majors, though.  Probably not till towards the end of June, I’d wager.

I remember seeing Oswalt back in AA in Round Rock, when they were in the Houston organization.  My wife and I used to travel down there regularly (before we had kids), and would take in some games there.  What’s interesting about the Round Rock connection is when we saw him there, his manager was Jackie Moore, the current Rangers bench coach.  His pitching coach then was Mike Maddux, the current Rangers pitching coach.  His team owner was Nolan Ryan.  Ahem.  :)