Some players sent down

  • P Michael Kirkman optioned to AAA
  • C Luis Martinez optioned to AAA
  • C Dusty Brown assigned to minor league camp (with AAA)
  • P Greg Reynolds assigned to minor league camp (with AAA)
  • P Tanner Scheppers assigned to minor league camp (with AAA) [ Link ]

Remarks: First off, I was wondering when we were going to start making some roster moves, as we’re now under a week to go until opening day, and we haven’t seen a ton of movement on the roster.

The two catcher moves were no surprise.  Neither of these guys was breaking camp.   Same with Greg Reynolds.

Tanner Scheppers will probably be here at some point this year, but not the opening day 25.

I am a bit surprised that Kirkman was optioned out.  Not shocked, but a little surprised.  I think this might tip their hand regarding Robbie Ross.  Kirkman was widely expected to have a spot, because he was the only left hander in the pen possibilities that has major league experience with the Rangers.  I know that’s how I felt anyway.  But he hasn’t exactly grabbed hold of the opportunity, and Robbie Ross has for the most part.

We’re getting close – with the Japan series, and the Rangers opening a day after half the teams do, I don’t know what day we have to submit our final 25 man roster.  I asked Jamey about it.  :)