Derek Holland’s Extension

Right as I sliced my hand on Wednesday, the word came down that Derek Holland and hte Rangers had agreed to a long term extension.  Earlier this off season we had agreed to a one year deal, avoiding arbitration.  That deal was worth $504,700.  It’s been voided/replaced/whatever by this new deal which goes into effect immediately.  This seems like a great deal for both sides here.

Obviously, the Rangers get a savings, and Holland gets some security.  Not that he wouldn’t have gotten it the way he’s been pitching, mind you – but it’s nice to see the deal get done.  The pay per year is:

  • 2018: $11.5 Million (team option w/$1M buyout)
  • 2017: $11 Million (team option w/$1.5M buyout)
  • 2016: $10 Million
  • 2015: $7.4 Million
  • 2014: $5.4 Million
  • 2013: $3.2 Million
  • 2012: $1 Million

So he doesn’t make a ton more (by baseball salary standards, anyway) in 2012, but then it starts ramping up.   2017 & 2018 are team option years, although I’m unclear whether they’re individual options, or they’re lumped together.  Given there’s a separate buyout figure for each, I’m gonna guess they’re separate, but the truth is I really don’t know.

Either way, I like this deal a lot.  If Holland at worst just treads water with his skills, and doesn’t regress, it’s a steal.  If he gets better than he is now, the deal is an even bigger steal – (break out Takei voice) OH MYYYYY!   The goofiness that he took some crap over (like impressions in the WOrld Series) didn’t bother me at all.  I enjoy seeing that side of a player.  We had a bunch of guys back in the 80’s like that (Jim Kern leaps to mind) who were known for strange behaviour, but Holland doesn’t carry that on the field.  I really like a guy who can play, and also has a sense of humour about it.

Most of all, I like the guy whose actions show his feelings to be “You know, I like it here, let’s get it done, and not try and milk every penny out of the system”.  I’m really hopeful that Derek Holland pans out, and again – at worst just treads water, because his treading water for the next 6 years will give us a LOT of wins.  It can only be better if he gets better.