Embedded Video has become the destination for online baseball. I remember years ago when it started, was originally owned by someone else, and the “Major League Baseball” site was at It was not very good. But that changed when MLBam came onboard, and they’ve been doing it for a few years now. it’s been refined into a video powerhouse. While the blackout rules still stink like my baby’s diaper genie, it is a great place to watch baseball video.

As the years have gone by, their archive of old video and clips and whatnot is huge. But they had one epic level fail. You couldn’t embed the video on other sites. It was like that for years and years. Today I happened to notice an “embed” option on video clips there. I was quite stunned. I tried it, and it worked great. It’s not just new video either – they’ve apparently allowed you to embed video from the past.

My test is of an old video segment that Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy did at MLB Network HQ back in 2009 when Victor Rojas was still there. His impression of Andre Dawson gets me every time. While I’ve seen Gar do Hawk a few times, the one from this clip is still my favorite version of it. The interaction between Gar and the three MLB guys (Mitch Williams, Victor Rojas, & Harold Reynolds) was brilliant. So I present this clip below. Watch it, it’s funny! To MLB? What took you so long?

Apparently not all video works.  While that video I mentioned has an embed code, you can’t actually embed it.  This one below however, does work, and it’s Bud Selig talking about the game.  Apparently older videos aren’t working.  Whether that’s temporary or permanent, I don’t know.