Center Field

A lot has been made about the center field position this year.   It’s historically been an unstable one for the team, there’s not been many players in the last 20 years that have grabbed a hold of it, and kept it.  Oh, good people have played there, but never one guy who was “THE MAN” out there.

The Rangers don’t want Josh Hamilton out there, they want him in left.  Julio Borbon looked like he had a lead on it at the start of last season, but got hurt, and that fell apart.  He’ll have a chance again this year, but he’s probably on his last chance here.  There’s really no dominant guy out there at the moment – there’s a bunch of names that can be used out there.  Craig Gentry, Leonys Martin, Josh Hamilton, and David Murphy just to name a few.

But I wonder if this is the last hurrah for Julio Borbon.  There was some noise about trading him to the Nationals not too long ago, I guess that isn’t happening.

Nolan Ryan spoke on this yesterday during spring training, here’s some video of him talking.