New Site

I’ve finally started working on the new site in earnest. I’m hoping to be ready by spring training. I haven’t been ignoring the team. Far from it. Been reading a ton. My wife and I watched the Yu Darvish stuff tonight. One thought. “Yeah RIGHT, you didn’t know what was on your T-Shirt you were wearing”.

Anyway, most of my spare time was spent on finishing up my other big fan site, the site for the band Black Sabbath. That’s up and running, so I’m turning my attention to this site now.

I’m not going to be posting here much anymore, I’m just going to be transferring over data and building pages on the site site. Will post when there’s something to check out.

One big thing though – I’m likely going to be dropping the forums here in favor of discussions via the comments field. I’m moving to WordPress, and that will allow me to open comments to the world again. Also, the old UBB.Threads in place has become a security risk, and I want to get rid of it. I also personally have so rarely look in on them myself, I think it’s just time to go. I’m looking to streamline the operation, and hope that those of you who do make use of it will find use of the new system I will put in place.

Anyway, hope to have some more going shortly. Thanks for visiting!