Ranger Fans at the State Fair

I’ve done some promotional things with Chevy before. Last year I drove around a Chevy Cruze with antlers on it to do some rah-rah things. I went down with a few other Ranger bloggers in late March to Round Rock for the final exhibition game of this year’s spring training. (Just discovered there’s a video online of the Day 2 Food tour we took – check that out).
However, a week ago, they contacted me again, and this time wanted me to be involved with a new idea. A “Good Luck in the World Series” greeting card. We all were operating under the assumption that the Rangers would actually MAKE it to the Series – good thing they did. Anyway, I got a bunch of signatures from fans young and old. Including a lot of kids, who doodled on this rather large greeting card (really a long piece of paper, but still), and it was cool to see them all be enthusiastic about the team.
Anyway, last week, a matter of hours before the deciding Game 6 of the ALCS, I was down at the Texas State Fair, at the Chevy Town Square for a presentation of the card to the Chevy folks. While I was down there, we got some more signatures on the card, and interviewed several Rangers fans. Was a lot of fun.
The video from this showing the card, people signing, Rangers fans and all that is now online, and can be viewed here. Check it out: