ALCS G6: Rangers blow out Tigers 15-5 to take series!

After the third inning, it was over. We still had to play five and a half more innings to make it official, but it was over. The nine run bottom of the third was something to behold.
This game had so many moments, had so many things go our way, I don’t know where to begin. Honestly, I really don’t know what to write about this game, it was so cool.
I will say this. I’m saving the recording of this game. Transferred the entire game, including all the Post game celebration stuff, and the Fox 4 coverage. Given I have a TiVo, I can transfer the program to my computer, save it there, and if I want to watch it on the TV again, I’ll get it back. It’s a 5hr32min HD recording, and it takes up 35Gb in all. Need to move that off the TiVo. :)
Boomstick set a new record for home runs in any round of the playoffs, besting names such as Reggie Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr, Chase Utley, and own Juan Gonzalez, who did that in 1996.
Michael Young finally came through, in the game that mattered the most. As exciting as this game was, I’m probably not writing much, because I’m just so excited about it – when I sit to think about it, it’s just to marvel at it. Not pick apart the details.
Wow. Just wow. Two years in a row in the World Series. Nobody’s done that in the AL in a decade, and that was the Yankees at the height of their late 90’s power. Given what that late 90’s Yankees team did to us back then, it’s nice to be the only other team to do that since.
I’m going to close this one out with a couple of selected pictures. I have time to write about this game right now, but I’ve tried a few times, and all I can come up with is “Wow.”
Just watch this video. Again. And when you’re done, play it again. BTW, it includes Eric Nadel’s call, too. And the Rangers spanish coverage, too! :)