NL makes it two in a row in All Star Game with 5-1 win

Well, I got married in 1996, and that was the last year the NL had won the All Star game. Until last year when the Rangers finally got there. Then the NL won again. They continued this annoying new streak this week by winning the All-Star game two years in a row.
I was planning on writing more, but as I look back on the game, there wasn’t a ton memorable about the game. More was made about who didn’t show up, which wasn’t a HUGE deal to me.
Still, I always love watching the player introductions. That’s always fun to watch, and this year for the first time since 1990, there were three Pittsburgh Pirates players. There were, however six Texas Rangers players. Which I think is the most since we had a bunch when the game was in Houston a few years back. Anyway, the Rangers who went were:
Adrian Beltre. He started the game, was a replacement for Arod who had to bail out due to surgery. Beltre went 1-2 with a single.
Josh Hamilton. He started the game, having been voted in by fans. Josh went 1-2 with a single.
Michael Young – Got in on the player vote to be a backup DH. Thing is, Wash put him in the game at third base. He only got one at bat, and struck out.
Alexi Ogando – Late appointment to the squad. Forget who he technically replaced on the roster, as there were a lot of moving parts insofar as roster ineligibilities on the last day or so. He threw 0.2 innings, and faced two batters for a total of 11 pitches. Didn’t allow anything. One of my cuter moments came when he was on the mound. It was when a Texas Rangers pitcher (Ogando) threw to a Pittsburgh Pirates batter (Andrew McCutchen). Liked that. :)
CJ Wilson – Of the 19 total pitchers that were in this game, CJ clearly had the worst outing of any of them. He did pitch a full inning, but gave up three hits and three earned runs. Faced six batters, threw 22 pitches. Not a good outing. The big deal was the three run home run to Prince Fielder. Something was said that it was the first home run in the All Star game since once in 2008, too.
Ron Washingon – Perhaps the coolest one there, because you don’t get to be manager unless you get to the World Series. Enjoyed this one!
I enjoyed watching the game, even though there wasn’t a ton to report on IMO. Still, looking forward to the second half of the season, as it’s just about upon us as I write this.