G103: Rangers unload on Twins, blow ’em out 20-6

Well, it’s a blowout. The kind of game that makes you want to start quoting all kinds of statistics regarding what happened in the game. :)
I’m not going to do that, except to say this. Of all the starters, Chris Davis is the only person who didn’t have a hit, going 0-6, striking out twice. David Murphy also had an ofer, but he was a sub, going 0-2.
Oddly enough, the only Ranger with a single hit was the other sub, Omar Quintanilla, who came in for Michael Young, playing second this game. Omar had just a single hit, but it was a triple. Everyone else had two, three, or four hits. Cruz & Kinsler had four. Andrus, Young, Moreland, & Chavez had three each, and Hamilton was the only one with two.
Two home runs, one triple, eight doubles, and sixteen singles!
OK, I did end up doing a bunch of stats, but I really didn’t mean to. It’s just hard not to get into that when your team scores 20 runs and gets 27 hits.
Lost in all the offense was the fact that there was a total of seven errors in the game. Four by Texas, and three by Minnesota. Two errors were by Chris Davis (both fielding errors), one was by Elvis Andrus (missed catch), and the other was Neftali Feliz (fielding).
Derek Holland got the win, going six innings, allowing five hits, and just one unearned run. He came out of the game with 90 pitches, which for six innings, wasn’t a lot, but given how hot it was, and the huge lead we had, I guess I can’t be too surprised. Oddly enough, each of the four Rangers pitchers (Holland, Feldman, Rhodes, & Feliz) gave up at least one run. Holland & Feliz both had unearned runs. Feldman gave up one, and Rhodes three in his one inning.