Rangers rained out, lose 7-0 lead at the time

Unlike most rainouts, this game got started. We were doing quite well. The Rangers were up 7-0 in the fourth. The game was stopped due to torrential rain, and they waited a few hours. Called the game. Since it wasn’t official, nothing counts. That’s fairly irritating.
Not only did it take away a win we had going at the time. It also took away the first career grand slam by Mitch Moreland. And some nice numbers for a couple of my fantasy teams, too.
Was the first rainout at the ballpark since Sep 11, 2009. The game will be made up the next time Oakland comes to town in a doubleheader, but the precise date hasn’t been picked yet.
The Rangers have looked a bit better the last few games, counting this aborted one. Hopefully we can get Harrison & Holland back on track, and put some wins together. We also need to get Nelly Cruz & Josh Hamilton back on track. Things aren’t as bad as they seem. I’m writing this two days after the rainout, and going into action on Friday night, the Rangers are back in second place (after having briefly dipped into third). We’re only a game and a half behind the Angels, who come to town this weekend.