G47: Rangers return favor over Phils, win finale 2-0

Well, game three of the Rangers/Phillies series was almost a statistical reverse of the game the night before. The score was the same, only reversed. The number of hits was mostly the same, only reversed. I was a bit surprised that Matt Harrison outdid Roy Oswalt in the game.
Harrison was darned good, though. Went 8.1 innings, gave up just five hits and walked three. Struck out three, so it was more of a hit to contact day. No runs, though, which is important. No Phillie had more than one hit, and all five of them were singles. Both walks were to DANE Sardinha (a backup catcher). So Harrison looked quite good. Might have even beat the other two Phillies pitchers we went up against.
Oswalt wasn’t any slouch either, he went seven, gave up eight hits and three walks. Obviously more than Harrison, but not an awful or outrageous number. The Philly pen allowed the other run besides the one Oswalt allowed.
Overall, this was a fantastic series pitching wise. There were a total of nine runs scored in all three games by both teams combined. If you put all the scores together, the Phillies won the overall series 5-4. That score isn’t considered too out of whack for ONE game between two teams, let alone three combined.
One amusing thing about this game, though. Since my brother and I were hanging out at his apartment, we fired up some traditional fare for the game. I’ve included a picture of the meal above. A rather large burger, one hot dog, and some potato salad plus macaroni salad. My brother whipped all that up. Was a very hearty lunch to say the least. Thing is it was a bit TOO hearty. In the middle of the fourth, we were both dozing of, so we decided to take a nap. The burger meal did us in. We slept for a couple of hours then resumed watching the game. :)