G43: Rangers win in 11 in KC, 5-4

All told, there were nine runs scored by both teams this game. Three of them were scored just in the 11 inning. Which just goes to reinforce my theory that if we can get past the 10th inning, we can probably win. After getting to the 10th, the Rangers put up 2 in the 11th, and then the Royals countered with one of their own in the bottom, but the Rangers hung on for the win.
This was a “no power” game. Moreso than usual. It was all singles and a boatload of walks. The other night we had more walks than hits, and it happened again this game. The Rangers had eight hits (all singles), but were gifted THIRTEEN singles. If we didn’t win the game after that many free passes, man…
The hits were pretty clustered. Endy Chavez had two, as did Andres Blanco, & Adrian Beltre. The other two were by Elvis Andrus (who was actually a sub for Blanco this game) & Mitch Moreland.
However, three of the RBI’s were by Adrian Beltre, who has been hitting the ball hard all season, but still has a lot of work to do on his BA (.255 after this game).
Alexi Ogando continues to amaze this season, going seven innings AGAIN. This time he gave up just four hits and two runs with a walk, and five punchouts. His overall ERA is an amazing 2.13. One expects the league to compensate and figure him out somewhat, but they haven’t yet. Good for us.
Bad for the guys who want to get back into the rotation, as Ogando isn’t going anywhere.