G41: Colby Lewis shuts down the ChiSox; Rangers win 4-0

This was a game I couldn’t watch on TV – the first of several like that (more on that later), and only was able to listen on the radio in bits and pieces, as it was family time with the kids when this was on. Listened to a little on the computer, and then on my iPad.
But from what I could hear, Colby Lewis was dominating. He had a no hitter going into the fourth, and ended up tossing a complete game shutout. Allowed five hits and one walk. Seven strikeouts, and NO RUNS. 110 pitches in all, which for 9 innings is a great number. I wish I could have seen it, because it looks by the recaps and the box scores as a great game to have seen. Hopefully Colby has figured it out. He’s been awesome since the birth of his kid. While I don’t think the new baby Lewis has anything directly to do with it, I know how I felt after my kids were born, so perhaps it has worked something good in Colby’s head.
Offensively, it was a balanced attack with not a ton of power. Endy Chavez & Michael Young each had doubles, and then there were ten other singles. That was it. But they were put together in enough of a right order to put up two two spots. One in the third, and one in the sixth.
Was a great game for Colby and the Rangers, that’s for sure! If the Angels lose tonight, we’ll be back in first place. However, I did take a look the standings, we’d be the team of the six division leaders with the lowest winning percentage. We need to work on that a bit more. Need winning STREAKS, not just wins. :)