G40: Rangers win seesaw battle against Angels, 5-4

CJ Wilson did not have it this game. He wasn’t sharp, but stayed out there and did fight the “meh” in his pitching. He didn’t cave in, and give up a dozen runs, so that part was good. But he wasn’t the guy he’s been the last few starts. Six hits and four walks over five innings. Four runs allowed, only two earned though. But he was sluggish and just “meh”.
Brett Tomko came in, and allowed two inherited runners to score, but Brett’s own line showed no runs allowed. Lowe & Feliz finished it out. Lowe got the win, actually.
This game was powered by the longball. The really big one was a three run shot by Adrian Beltre. Chris Davis also had one go out, and the way he was hitting it, had it been a summer windy day, he probably would have had three home runs this game.
Kinsler raked – going 4-4. That was good to see. Enjoyed scoring this game a lot. But it was bittersweet. I’ll post about why on Tuesday most likely.