G37: Rangers turn around, beat A’s 7-2

When I was doing this commentary, I had to double check that the Rangers actually did beat the A’s by the same score the A’s beat us the night before by. I’ve made that mistake a few times in the past when writing several game recaps at the same time. :)
Colby Lewis has put together a few good outings now after the birth of his kid, and he’s looking like the guy from the latter part of the 2010 season again. 7.1 innings, five hits, only one run, and just one walk. No strikeouts, but the bottom line is runs, and he only allowed one.
Fortunately, the bullpen didn’t blow it for him. Darren Oliver threw the rest of the 8th, and was perfect. Neftali Feliz came in and threw the ninth. He allowed two walks, but that was it.
Michael Young continues to be on fire. 3-4 with two RBI’s, and two runs scored. He came up in the bottom of the 8th with a shot for a cycle, just needing the home run. Didn’t get it. Still, he’s now at .349 for the season, and looking quite good. There’s an article on the Rangers site at the moment titled, “Young joins list of best deals never made“. Think of it this way. Had we moved Young, we’d be utterly crap for offense at the moment, as Young is the only person really hitting regularly at the moment. Probably good he stays. This is the month where he gets his 10-5 rights, although I don’t know the specific day.
This was another good spread out offense. Everyone but Andrus got at least one hit. Mitch Moreland went 2-5. Adrian Beltre got another home run. The guy hits everything incredibly hard. He just needs a few more well placed balls. Beltre also had an error, I believe his first of the year. But given how many more he has gotten to this season so far than Michael Young would have.. It’s OK. :)