G36: Oakland comes to town; still can’t beat em (L: 7-2)

CJ Wilson battled this game, but couldn’t match the effort of his last outing. He went seven plus innings, allowing just two hits, but oddly enough five runs. The reason for that odd number discrepancy is that he allowed five walks. Additionally, he left the game with two men on base, and they both scored, thanks to Ryan Tucker. Anyway, CJ only had two strikeouts, and 109 pitches through 7+ innings. He certainly didn’t have the command he did last time. The hits weren’t a problem, but he walked too many, struck out too few. That all adds up to “not great command”, which is what did him in.
Not only did Tucker allow two of CJ’s inherited runners to score, he allowed two of his own. He didn’t get anyone out, faced four batters. The four batters went walk, single, double, walk. This was after CJ started the inning with a hit batter and a walk. Six straight guys reaching base like that will never be good news if you’re the team in the field when it happens.
Brett Tomko came in and put out the fire, throwing two scoreless innings. In fact, they’d be perfect, but he walked one guy. So that was a good ending.
However, the Rangers couldn’t push any runs across to win the thing. In fact, after the seventh, we had just one unearned run score.
But Mitch Moreland had another home run! That’s gotta count for something, eh? At least made the girls run around on Greene’s hill. :)