G34: Rangers finally win, 7-5 over Yankees

Michael Young rocked the Yankees this game. He went a perfect 4-4 – one of which was a home run. The others were singles, but Young was batting 1.000 this game. He also drove in two, and scored on the home run ball (obviously). It raised his batting average to .348, and he’s by far the best hitter on the team at the moment.
Not too far behind him this game was Mitch Moreland, who went 3-4 with a double, scoring twice. David Murphy & Julio Borbon also got two hits. The offense finally clicked pretty good this game. 14 hits in all, just two walks from the Yanks. Was a good spread out offense.
Only one of the starting nine took an ofer. That’s Ian Kinsler, who seems to be reverting back to his “Capt. Uppercut” persona. I hear the stuff about he’s trying hard not to, but man – everything is up. Hits and outs. Hard to think anything otherwise.
Derek Holland is starting to look like the guy who will come out of the rotation whenever one of our other guys is ready to come back. He startd out of the gate good, but has hit quite a rough patch here recently. I don’t think we need to sit him down just yet, but this outing wasn’t good, either. Three innings pitched, 4 hits, FIVE walks, four earned runs. And 77 pitches over three innings. Bah. Not good at all.
Still, a win is a win, made that much better than it’s over the Yankees.