G30: Rangers go to Seattle. Lose there, too (4-3).

As if it wasn’t bad enough being pushed around in Oakland, at least there’s an excuse there. They have some darn good pitching. Seattle has Felix Hernandez, and that’s it. As I sit here to write a few words about this game, all I can think of is Jim Mora’s old “Playoffs?!?” speech..

Alexi Ogando started this one. Wasn’t too bad. Six innings, just five hits and a run. Pitch count was a smidge high (102), but not totally outrageous. Pedro Strop though, stunk up the joint. Blown save, loss. He allowed the other three runs the Mariners scored. So this was a failure of the bullpen. An all too common occurance this season so far. :(
Again. One double. Four singles. That’s it.