G24: Rangers hang on, beat Toronto 7-6

I didn’t see much of this game, I was at Wednesday night church services, but I did get to see a little bit of the Gameday on my phone. I got to watch via my phone as the Rangers tied the game at 2, then went up 6-2 in the bottom of the third. By the time I got home, the game was 6-5 in the sixth. I watched Cody Eppley give up the tying run.
But Mitch Moreland saved it in the bottom if the seventh with a solo home run onto Greene’s hill – to the same kid who caught the ball on the fly for the second time in a week. :)
Holland was pretty bad today like Harrison was last night. Arthur Rhodes pitched a scoreless inning for the hold, and Darren Oliver got the save in the ninth.
Given I saw so little of this game, and I’m in a hurry today, I’m doing a short one. It wasn’t great to see another bad starter, but it was good to see the team come back and get the win, and hold it in the end.
Thu afternoon is the final game of the series, we need to take that to get a split.