G23: Ranger pitching looks bad, we lose 10-3 to Jays

This game did not start out good. Here’s what happened with the first six batters:
Single. Single. Walk. Single. Walk. Walk. At that point, we were down 3-0, with the bases loaded, and nobody out – IN THE TOP OF THE FIRST. Ugh. After a double play (which itself scored a run), there was another single, for yet another run scored. We’re down 5-0 in the first inning.
The Rangers picked up a few in the bottom of the second to make it 5-3, but that was as close as we got. All of the Ranger runs came in the second inning. Four hits in a row. Double, single, double, single. That was it. Our three runs.
Just to stamp the point into this game that we weren’t going to win it, the first batter in the top of the third was Adam “Krusher” Lind, who homered to lead off the inning. So much for changing momentum.
Actually, to be honest, after the top of the fourth inning, all the scoring was over – for both teams. The 5th through 9th were all zeroes. But the game was essentially over at that point anyway.
Matt Harrison had clearly his worst outing of the season, and I’d wager into last season, too. This was pretty awful. Three innings, eight hits, three walks, and SEVEN earned runs. While his ERA is still a respectable 3.69 after this outing, it was a lot less before it.
Bleargh. That won’t help several of my fantasy teams.