ST8: Rangers lose walkoff game to D’Backs, 3-2

I listened to this game on the radio all the way through. That’s the first time that’s happened this spring so far. Most of the games have happened when other “real world” stuff was happening for me. This time I sat down to score the game – which is a challenge on the radio during the spring. But I tried anyway. Ran into a problem with my new scoring software, and had to stop, but I still listened to the game.
Despite being in it until the end of the game when we lost in a walkoff, the Rangers didn’t have much offense to speak of. We did have some power, but not much of it. Here’s the total Rangers offense:
Double by Esteban German
Solo home run by Ian Kinsler
Solo home run by Mitch Moreland
Single by Elvis Andrus
Walk to Mitch Moreland
That’s it. In fact, the home runs were the only runs we got. One in the first, one in the third. In fact, the Diamondbacks got their single runs in the first & third as well. Problem is they had one in the bottom of the ninth, too. Bah.
Colby Lewis was all over the place. Pitched three innings, allowed three walks and four hits. His first and third innings were wild. His middle inning went quite well, but it was sandwiched around a couple of teeter totter innings. They didn’t quite fall down and stink up the joint, but it was wobbly enough to let a few runs across.
Michael Kirkman however, was really quite good. His three innings had just two hits and a walk, with no runs allowed. Sounded good on the radio.
Despite the loss, it was a pretty well pitched game, outside of two innings.