ST3: Rangers comeback not enough, lose to M’s 5-4

This was a game there was no broadcast for. No radio, no TV, and no mlb webcast, either. In the dark. Except for the twitter guys. That was the closest to a broadcast we got. But I couldn’t hang around the computer when this game was on.
The Rangers didn’t have a ton of power this game. In all, we had 10 hits, only two were doubles. And both of those were by guys I didn’t know (Jose Felix & Brian Barden). Everything else (save for two walks) was a single. We had a two spot in the third, which briefly put us up in the game (2-1 at the time). Barden’s double was the only “big” hit in the third. The others were singles, a bunt, and a groundout RBI – small ball there for sure.
The other two spot came in the 9th when we were mounting a comeback, but couldn’t complete the job. That two spot was a bit more bang bang in that it was a walk, a double, and then a single, scoring two. Just couldn’t get across the finish line.
I did see a clip of Arthur Rhodes on TV pitching from this game, and the clips they showed made him look quite good. His line was quite good. One inning, only faced three batters, struck two of them out on a total of nine pitches. If he can sustain that all season, it will have been a great move.
Other than that, most the of the pitching lines were OK. Four guys gave up runs – three guys did not. Of the four that gave up runs, only one is likely to be on the club (Matt Harrison), and he only gave up one. I know one of the others (Brett Tomko), and the others, nope, can’t help you there.
Hard to write a lot of unique stuff on just a box score, because as I’m writing this two days later, the link to the game summary story on is coming up as a blank page!