ST2: Rangers win sloppy shootout with Royals, 12-11

I was in and out on this game yesterday. I had forgotten it started – I wasn’t yet in the habit of remembering game times during the season. it was after all only Game 2. :)
I started listening when picking up my kid from school, and it was 0-0 going into the third at that time. It was at that point that the sloppy bullpen play started. Colby Lewis pitched the first two innings, and while he was not sharp, he got the job done, and put up zeroes. Of the six relievers the Rangers threw out there, only one of them put up a zero. That was Corey Young in the 8th.
Michael Kirkman was first out. He gave up a three spot pretty darned quickly. But he then got out of the inning just as quickly. Darren Oliver gave up three as well, as did Zack Jackson later on. Three spots all over the place. But it was a sloppy game. Despite there being only three errors, it felt like about a dozen. Yeah, second game of spring, and subs and all that play into it for sure, but man. What a mess.
We had six doubles, a triple, and two home runs. We had five guys with two hits, the rest were singles scattered around the lineup. Definitely a sloppy game on both sides, but it’s not anything I haven’t said before. 25 hits and 23 runs don’t allow for commentary that talk about “crisp” performances. :)
Due to helping out with family duties at the time, I got to listen to the game partially on my computer, partially in the car on XM Radio, partially on my iPad cleaning up dishes. Was hart to focus on what was going on for sure.