ST24: Harrison looks good. Rangers did not, lose 9-8

When I watched a game earlier in the spring training season, there was a TV interview with Matt Harrison, talking about how he’s changed his approach, how he approaches things much differently now. It seems to have come out well, as Matt had another good outing.
Six innings, six hits, three walks, and three earned runs. Not dominant, but _technically_ a quality start. 86 pitches. Well, OK – we’re not winning Cy Young here with that performance, but it’s better than what he’s been in the past, and you just have that “gut feeling” that he’ll do OK this season. Or at least I do.
However, Arthur Rhodes was this game’s winner of the “big pile of stink” award. One inning, two hots, one walk, yet FOUR earned runs. Bah.
Darren Oliver was the only guy who didn’t give up any runs.
Alexi Ogando, who had gotten brief talk as replacing Feliz as closer gave up a run.
Five doubles and Nine singles. That was our offense.
Julio Borbon didn’t have any errors, but then he didn’t play, either. Michael Young made an error at first.
Not exactly tearing it up as we head into the last week of spring training here, guys.