ST22: Rangers losing streak now 5 with 9-8 loss to M’s

I didn’t get to see or hear any of this game, as I was busy doing some family stuff. Probably a good thing I didn’t, as I would have gotten mad at it. I’ve written many times about how I don’t like ten inning games, we usually lose them. More than 10? I’m all for it, but games that last exactly ten we seem to lose all the time.
The Rangers were up 6-2 going into the eighth. The M’s tied it, 6-6. We went up 8-6, then they tied it again to send it to 10. Scored one in the 10th? Of course, game over.
Feliz started the game, went five. Wasn’t too bad – four hits, two hits and two earned runs.
Darren O’Day was pretty awful – four hits, four earned runs in one inning.
Pedro Strop gave up a couple, as did one by Miller, but they’re not making the roster, so that doesn’t so much matter to me.
Couple of home runs for the Rangers by guys who also aren’t making the 25 man roster. Those being Kevin Cash & Omar Quintanilla.
Any number of those words you want to sub in there (for words that look like @$%)@$^) usually) are fine here.