ST21: Week of bad pitching results in 12-6 loss to CLE

This has been a BAD week for pitching. The numbers combined were so awful, it makes me feel completely bad about the entire bullpen. I’m sure a lot of it is just spring training stuff, but you always want your guys to be better than worse in spring.
Matt Harrison got bombed (well, not super bombed, but enough), and so did Cody Eppley. Eppley’s since been sent down (I’m writing this 4 days after the game happened). Mark Lowe also got bombed. Darren Oliver & Zack Jackson didn’t give up any (earned) runs, and Jackson’s been sent down as well.
Harrison gave up four hits and four walks for four earned runs in four innings. His strikeouts and home runs allowed totaled four as well. Not that it’s a relevant stat (or a real one) at all, but I ran out of fours to use for him. Oh, the icing is he had two wild pitches, too. Bad outing.
Cody Eppley gave up two hits and two walks for three earned runs in his ONE inning.
Mark Lowe gave up three hits and two walks for four earned runs in his ONE inning.
Mr Yuck, indeed.
We were actually in the lead after three innings (4-3), but that didn’t last. Our offense was fairly scattered. Two guys (Murphy, Tracy) had two hits, everyone else had one. However, Elvis Andrus’ one was a good one – a home run. Something he hasn’t done in bloody ages. David Murphy also had a double.
Six runs isn’t anything to sneeze at, but when the pitching coughs up that many, you just want to hang your head and scream “Put in the Horse!”