ST20: Rangers blown out big time, lose 15-5

Last night I didn’t get to start watching the game until late. It started at 9PM anyway, and I wasn’t clear to watch baseball until about 10:30. Checked on a few online msgs before going to watch the game, and a friend of mine had posted this as his Facebook status:

I forgot the Ranger game was on TV. I think I’ll check in and….ooooooohhhhhhh no.

That irritated me, as I don’t like reading updates before I get to see the games, as I usually watch them time shifted (Thank you, TiVo). Granted, it’s my own fault for looking, but still. So anyway, I took that comment to mean we were losing bad. Tuned in, and it was 12-0. I tuned right back out, and went to play some MLB 2k11 on my Xbox 360.
In a story about the game, Ron Washington said,

“Full moon,” manager Ron Washington said. “It seems like we left our gloves, bats and brains at home. We just had a bad night.”

I’ll go further than that. IT SUCKED! No good came of this game at all. The thumbs down image I used for the last game doesn’t cut it. Time to haul out “Mr. Yuck”…

Chris Davis’ grand slam was cool, though.