ST13: Rangers lose close one to White Sox, 7-6

In a game where the White Sox came to Surprise, bringing mostly backups and minor leaguers to play, we lost to them anyway. Although, it wasn’t due to the fault of new staff ace, CJ Wilson.
Wilson started the game, and went four, as we’re now starting to stretch out a little more. Gave up just three hits and a walk. One run, punched out three. Nice outing. 59 pitches, which for four innings is right at average. So it was a good outing.
Unfortunately, the guys who followed him can’t say the same. The first reliever was Dave Bush, who I don’t think will make the club, but my gut feeling can’t quite rule it out, either. He wasn’t nearly as good. Went three innings, six hits, two walks, three runs. Did punch out three, but threw a bazillion pitches. OK, not quite that many, but he did throw SEVENTY over three innings. I’d call that laboring for sure.
Yancy Brazoban did have a scoreless frame before giving it up to Mark Lowe, who blew the save, giving up the final three runs on three hits and a walk. Bla.
Still, the pitcher of this group that probably will see the most action is CJ Wilson, and he was fine, so I have to rely on that for the good pitching thing to take from this game.
Offensively, this was a no power attack. Everything was a single except one double by Mike Napoli. Kevin Cash & Elvis Andrus had two hits – everyone else had just the one. Just well put together coupled with the four walks overall. Nothing terribly sexy to write about this one reading from the box score. :)
Bah. We lost. That’s about it for this one. Except for Craig Gentry’s impression of Rodney McCray. Not exactly funny, but that’s all I could think of when I read about that one.