ST11: Rangers lose close one to Angels, 2-1

I didn’t see or hear any of this game, as I was somewhat sick last night. However, the recaps I read and all that show a very strong pitching performance turned in by the Rangers.’
Eric Hurley started this game, went three innings, and gave up no runs and no hits. Walked two, but that was it. Seth McClung & Brett Tomko also tossed no run outings. Cody Eppley gave up an unearned run, and the other run was given up by Ryan Tucker. Combined, the staff only gave up two runs (one earned), and four hits overall. Very strong performance.
Problem was that the Angels staff was just a tad better. They only allowed one Ranger run, if we had double the hits the Angels did.
Still, one doesn’t mind 2-1 losses, although too many of them, and it can get aggravating. :)
We’re now 6-5 in the spring.